About Us
Anti­monopoly Law Office is a team of pro­fes­sion­al consul­tants special­izing in com­peti­tion law. We are re­nowned for our effi­ciency. We were one of the very first firms to pro­vide anti-monopoly consultancy ser­vices in Russia.
Anti­monopoly Law Office was estab­lished in 2010 as a compa­ny pro­viding specialised pro­fes­sion­al consultancy and support ser­vices to Russian and for­eign busi­nesses in com­plex mat­ters concerning the anti-monopoly reg­u­lations.
Our compa­ny has its basis in the long and successful le­gal prac­tice of our Mana­ging Partner, Evgeny Voevodin, a pio­neer of anti-monopoly consultancy in Russia accord­ing to ma­jor international le­gal rating organ­i­sa­tions and busi­ness rep­resentatives.
Glob­al Com­pe­tition Review, the most pres­tigious inter­national rating in the area of com­pe­tition, named Anti­monopoly Law Office a lead­er in anti-monopoly consul­tancy in Russia and one of the Top 100 leading com­pe­tition consultancy practices worldwide.
Our team is composed of ta­l­ented and expe­ri­enced lawyers, whose pro­fes­sion­alism helps us han­dle projects of any scope and complexity.
Even though Anti­monopoly Law Office was orig­inally cre­ated as a law firm specialis­ing in compe­tition, we successfully support our clients with a wide range of le­gal ser­vices.
We are constantly enlarg­ing our practice and improving our knowl­edge. We share our expe­ri­ence on var­ious expert platforms. Our lawyers reg­ularly take part in key international organ­i­sa­tions focus­ing on com­pe­tition, such as the International Com­pe­tition Network and Com­pe­tition Committee of the Organ­i­sa­tion of Eco­nom­ic Co­op­eration and Devel­op­ment.
Anti­monopoly Law Office lawyers, togeth­er with their col­leagues from oth­er leading law firms, have estab­lished and play an active role in the op­eration of Russia’s only expert orga­ni­zation specialis­ing in com­pe­tition, the As­sociation of Anti-Monopoly Experts.
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